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Blair, Jane
Aug 18 5:20 PM CDT
Post #20
Congratulations to all that played the game.. It was fun and I'll play next year.. Thanks Nathan, for the invite..
Hohlen, John
Feb 15 7:18 PM CST
Post #6
Hey Darren. Sorry to hear you're not enjoying the league. Nathan should be able to delete your team for you.
Moore, Darren
Feb 15 7:06 PM CST
Post #5
How does one withdraw from this league??
Moore, Nathan
Mar 14 11:01 AM CDT
Post #4
Yes its our first yea doing this.. It was recommended to do something like we did, I can always add more next year as we grow this. The owner of this website and I worked together to try and get the biggest tournaments in with each segment ending with a major.. That was the goal.. We wanted the tournaments that usually had the best fields as well. So some of the "smaller" tournaments were skipped.. Hope that makes sense
Hohlen, John
Mar 05 10:41 PM CST
Post #3
Skip - this league doesn't play every tournament. They have a few off weeks.
Wilson, Skip
Mar 05 10:13 PM CST
Post #2
Moore, Nathan
Feb 11 10:01 PM CST
Post #1
Good luck everyone!! Week 1 is here.. Lets have a fun season.. Trash talk is welcome in here :)